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10 Perfect Movies to Watch as a Family

My twins love it when we have our monthly movie afternoon!  We all curl up on the sofa in front of the TV, and enjoy a family movie together with munchies.  So we’ve come up with our 10 perfect movies to watch as a family.  When I was told about the new OLED 4K TV Panasonic have coming out, I was keen to take a look!  I didn’t think we were really in the market for a new TV, but I have to say, I am quite tempted now…

The high definition televisions, with a sleek design and bright, colourful display look perfect to watch family movies on!  I couldn’t even tell you how old our TV is, but I can tell you we would love a new one like these!

Up until recently it’s been a struggle to get our five year olds to sit still long enough to watch anything on the TV, let alone a full movie!  We still don’t believe they’re ready for a trip to the cinema yet, so enjoying a relaxing family movie together in front of a great TV is one of our ultimate pleasures!

Disclaimer – this is a sponsored post in collaboration with Panasonic, which I have been compensated for.  It also contains affiliate links to Amazon.  Full disclaimer here.

10 perfect movies to watch together as a family

All of these shows are available to stream on Netflix or Amazon Prime.  Not got Amazon Prime?  Get a 30 day free trial here!

Dino Time – Amazon Prime

Dino Time is a great movie which my twins really enjoyed.   It follows three children who travel back in time 65 million years, where they are taken in by a dinosaur.

Paddington – Amazon Prime

Ok I’m gonna be honest here – I had been putting off watching Paddington.  I presumed it would be ridiculously boring, but boy was I wrong!  I laughed most of the way through!  A must watch!  Paddington 2 is also available to stream.

Rango – Amazon Prime

A cute chameleon trying to be the town hero – Rango was enjoyed by us all.  My twins first ‘western’!

LEGO Jurassic World: The Indominus Escape – Amazon Prime

Now, I love a LEGO movie, and this one is no exception!  Ok ok, it’s only about 25 minutes long, so not really a movie, but we all love watching it none the less.  And it’s handy for when you only have a small amount of time, but still want to watch something.

The House of Magic – Amazon Prime

This is a lovely family movie to watch about a cute little cat who gets left behind, but finds a new home…  There’s lots going on and so many wonderful things to look at!  We definitely recommend.

My five year old twins love it when we have our monthly movie afternoon!  We all curl up on the sofa in front of the TV, and enjoy a family movie together with munchies.  So we've come up with our list of 10 perfect movies to watch as a family.

Sing – Netflix

Sing is one of my favourite movies!  It’s one I’ll happily watch on my own, never mind as a family!  We all loved this movie – a perfect feel good film, you can’t help but feel uplifted!

Matilda – Netflix

An oldie but a goodie!  Matilda is one of those movies that will always be loved, and you just have to watch at least once as a family.

Hotel For Dogs – Netflix

Another movie I can watch again and again, Hotel for Dogs is a brilliant feel good film.  I like that it’s a do-good film about kids and dogs, and I like to think it helps inspire kids!

Shark Tale – Netflix

A vegetarian shark with the sweetest personality is what makes this movie!  A bright, colourful movie with great music and a great story.

Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of The Were-Rabbit – Netflix

This is a brilliant movie if you have little ones who love making inventions and contraptions!  They’ll love to see all the contraptions Wallace has made, and thoroughly enjoy a classic movie at the same time!  Other Wallace & Gromit movies are also on Netflix.

So that’s our line-up of 10 great movies to stream for the family!  What do you think?  Any you would add?

If you are looking to upgrade to the latest and greatest in TV offerings, then do check out the OLED 4K TV Panasonic range.  We’ll be checking them out for sure!

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I hope this list of our 10 perfect movies to watch as a family helps you to know what to watch for your next family movie afternoon – enjoy!

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