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30 Roarsome Dinosaur Books For Your Little Paleontologist

I’m pretty sure it’s a given that most children go through a stage of loving dinosaurs when they’re little, and dinosaur books play a huge part in that!  My twins first developed an interest in dinosaurs when they were two years old.  I believe we have CBeebies Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures to thank for that!

A Lifelong Love?

Their love of dinosaurs has continued to grow and grow, and shows no signs of going anywhere.  They love watching anything to do with dinosaurs on TV, and they love going to our local dinosaur parks.

When we go to any shops the first things they want to look for are dinosaur toys and dinosaur books, to add to their ever expanding collections.


I am an Amazon Associate, and this post contains Amazon affiliate links to some great dinosaur books.  This means that should you purchase anything, then at no extra cost to you I will earn a small commission towards keeping my kids in the dino lifestyle they are accustomed to – thanks!

30 Roarsome Dinosaur Books For Your Little Paleontologist

Encouraging Their Dinosaur Interest

Ollie in particular has a very strong interest in not just playing with dinosaurs, but actually learning about them.  He will never pass up an opportunity to sit and read one of his dinosaur books, or magazines with you.  In fact, he hounds us to read them!

He has spent so much time learning about dinosaurs, that he knows a crazy amount about them.  Ollie knows names of dinos that we haven’t even taught him (thanks YouTube Kids!), he even corrects us when we pronounce names incorrectly.

He knows what they eat, how long ago they lived, in what era, what they did – he just astounds us with his knowledge.

Budding Paleontologists!

We’ve watched their interest go from simply just loving dinosaurs in the typical childlike way, to flourishing into what seems to be a fully fledged interest.  With this in mind we of course want to encourage, and help develop their knowledge, and we like to do this with dinosaur books.

We could have future paleontologists on our hands after all!

30 Roarsome Dinosaur Books For Your Little Paleontologist

Got your own budding little paleontologist at home?  Here are some great dinosaur books all geared towards their love of dinos.  They are all available from

If you’ve got Amazon Prime then most, if not all, of the books will be included in the FREE next day delivery.  Not got Prime?  Get a FREE 30 day Amazon Prime trial here! (you can cancel before the end of the 30 days and not get charged for future months)

Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs – National Geographic Kids (this is the book that originally got my twins into dinos at age two!)

Big Book of Dinosaurs – Usborne

Lift and Look Dinosaurs – Bloomsbury

My First Dinosaur Roar Sticker Book – Macmillan Children’s Books

First Explorers Dinosaurs – Chorkung

That’s Not My Dinosaur – Usborne

Dinosaurs a Children’s Encyclopedia – DK Books

My First Touch and Feel Sound Book Noisy Dinosaurs – Jonathan Litton

Mad About…Dinosaurs – Ladybird Minis

Noisy Dinosaurs – Usborne

My First Search and Find Dinosaur Lands – Campbell Books

See Inside The World of Dinosaurs – Usborne

Children’s Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Encyclopedia – Douglas Palmer

Life on Earth Dinosaurs – Heather Alexander

Lift The Flap Questions and Answers about Dinosaurs – Usborne

Dinosaurs, Top Facts Through the Looking Glass – Igloo Books

Mad About Dinosaurs – Giles Andreae

Pop-Up Dinosaurs – Priddy Books

Peep Inside Dinosaurs – Usborne

My Terrific Dinosaur Book – DK Books

Monster Stones: The Story of a Dinosaur Fossil – Science Works

Rumble With The Dinosaurs: 10 Dinosaur Sounds – Discovery Kids

First Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life – Usborne

Magnetic Dinosaur Island –  Magnetic Play Books

The Big Dino-pedia For Small Learners – Baby Professor

Look and Find Dinosaurs – Usborne

Dinos! Sticker Activity Book – National Geographic Kids

The Magnificent Book of Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Creatures – Tom Jackson

Spot The Dinosaur on The Island – Stella Maidment

Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs! – Sandra Boynton

So there you go, 30 roarsome dinosaur books for your little paleontologist.  My twins are four years old, and from the off we started giving them dinosaur books that were more realistic, as well as more child-like ones.

The reason for this is that we never want to disguise reality from them.  Dinosaurs can be scary to look at, so the sooner we let them see this, the better!  We still have the babyish ones as these are great for helping your little one when learning to read.

I hope you found this list of dinosaur books useful, and full of ideas for your own little paleontologist!

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