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5 Spring/Summer Trends To Include In Your Home Decor For 2018

It seems like we’ve been waiting forever for Spring to arrive this year.  We’ve had so much rain, and unusually snow, in the UK already this year.  Spring is late!!  However, it finally seems to have arrived, and my husband said he was waiting for me to say it, when I declared this evening that I’m already sick of the sunshine – after one day of it!  Oh us Brits – never happy!

As I looked around my living room this evening, it occurred to me that because of the delay in Springish weather, I have yet to update my decor from the Winter look.  Time to change that.  I have a huge selection of home boards on my Pinterest account, for every room in the house, and I like to keep on top of what seems to be trending for interiors.

5 Spring/Summer Trends To Include In Your Home Decor For 2018

5 Spring/Summer Trends For Your Home Decor

As a renter, we are limited to only changing up our accessories, so our walls are as the landlord painted them – cream (or probably ‘magnolia’, if we’re gonna get specific…but who wants to admit they have ‘magnolia’ walls?! *scrunchy face*)

So here are a few Spring/Summer trends, and how you can incorporate these trends into your home with accessories.

1. Bright Colour Accents

This one is actually pretty easy for me to do.  As a renter it’s basically how I change with each season anyway, by simply adding accents in seasonal colours.

This Spring/Summer trend is all about bright pops of colour.  I am quite ok with that.

My top picks – this gorgeous cushion from, these woven baskets from and this floral towel from Next.

2. Macrame, Tassels & Fringing Oh My!

Man these things are heavy hitters on Pinterest right now! (Follow me on Pinterest here btw!).  They’re not entirely my style, but after a bit of looking around I found quite a few things I’d like in my home.

My top picks – this pretty macrame bunting from, this tassel pom pom blanket from and this graffiti fringe cushion also from

3. Marble

I first noticed this trending for 2018 weddings, and soon saw it was going to be popular for home decor too.  This one is a bit more difficult for me to feature in my house, but I did find a few things I like a lot.

My top picks – this large green marble plant pot from La Redoute, these marble mugs from John Lewis and this lovely pink marble clock from Next.

4. Tropical

The tropical trend is still around, and shows no sign of going anywhere yet.  And why should it – Spring and Summer is the perfect time to embrace everything palm leafy and pineappley.

My top picks – these pretty pineapple coasters from Etsy, this tropical flamingo bean bag from  and this palm print hurricane vase from George@Asda.

5. Geometric

At first I wondered how I could incorporate the geometric trend into my home.  It’s quite an obvious look, and one that would surely scream out “look at me, trying to be trendy!”.  But I found some gorgeous and subtle items, to blend the trend into my decor.

My top picks – this lovely Ted Baker cushion from Amara, these colourful art geometric coasters from, and this watercolour hummingbird print also from

Being a renter can seem restrictive when it comes to home decor trends, but actually it’s quite easy to keep up with seasonal trends with a few gorgeous accessories.  I love all of these reasonably priced accessories, to follow this years Spring/Summer trends.

What trends are you loving this season?

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