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Review of Full Car Window Sun Shades

I’m a real worrier when it comes to the boys being in the direct sun. It gets too hot, and worse – a risk of burning. So I was really glad when I discovered you can get full car window sun shades for the back seat windows in the car! Score!

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Sun Issues!

My car already has sun shades built into the door.  You pull them up and hook them up top.  But sun was still getting in from either side!  I’m a worrier remember, so this isn’t good enough shade for me.  So off I went on a hunt for something better.

The normal shades you buy from shops were worse than what I already had.  And getting the windows tinted, whilst my ideal choice, was way too expensive.

Review of Full Car Window Sun Shades pin


Tada!  I found my perfect car window sun shades!

These are the JellyBabaBaby Car Window Sun Shades.
Review of Full Car Window Sun Shades


Benefits of Full Car Window Sun Shades

  • There’s two in a pack!
  • They’ve got double layer mesh material for extra protection!
  • They block 97% of harmful UV rays and protects your kids from the sun and heat!
  • Really easy to fit!  It’s like a glove for the window, just stretch it over and done!
  • The mesh is breathable!  You can still roll down the window and be protected from sun, whilst enjoying a breeze!
  • A bit of extra privacy from people looking in!
  • Stops flies etc coming in through the back passenger windows!
  • No more sunlight or glare direct in their eyes!
  • No more sunlight directly on their skin for a prolonged length of time!
  • Quite useful to keep the back area darker if you have young babies or toddlers who need to nap!

TIP: Do remove the covers during heavy rain, as the material does soak up the rain and will start to get wet on the inside a bit.  Fine in light showers though.

Totally Worth The Money

Honestly, of all the child related things I’ve bought over the last nearly four years, this is one of the best investments without a doubt.

They are so durable, so easy to use, and have so many benefits.  We’ve been using them for two years now, and I can tell they’re going to last many years more.

So a big huge thumbs up from this mum!

Review of Full Car Window Sun Shades

You can buy the JellyBabaBaby Car Window Sun Shades on Amazon UK here.  Other brands are also available at varying prices.

*I did not receive any compensation, or free products for this review*

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