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Dear Dinosaur Books Review

My children love dinosaurs, and will eagerly seek out dinosaur books first and foremost in any book shops.  I would guess a good 40% of their book collection are dinosaur ones, if not more!  They were super excited to get not one, but two Dear Dinosaur books last Christmas, and we read them often.

The Dear Dinosaur books, by Chae Strathie and Nicola O’Byrne, were an easy choice for me Santa to buy.  Dinosaurs?  Check!  Storybook?  Check!  A little bit interactive?  Check!

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Our Thoughts on The Dear Dinosaur Books

The Dear Dinosaur books are a lovely size – easy for the three of us to read together.  The front covers are bright, and bold, with the T.Rex taking up the majority of the space.  Very appealing for little dinosaur lovers!

There are two in the series – Dear Dinosaur, and the follow up Dear Dinosaur T.Rex on Tour.  Both Dear Dinosaur books have real letters to read.  That is the fun interactive part.

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What’s the story in Dear Dinosaur?

Dear Dinosaur Books Review - BecWebb.com

The story is about a little boy called Max, who visits the big museum for the first time, so he can see the dinosaurs.  When a museum curator says the museum is closing for the day, she tells Max he can come back again any time.  But Max lives too far away, so she suggests that he writes to his favourite dinosaur – Rex the T.Rex, saying that he may even write back!

And so begins a series of back and fore letters between Max and Rex.  Some of the letters are printed on the page, and some are ones your children can open up, though they are stuck to the page, so they won’t get lost!

The letters consist of sweet questions from Max about what it’s like being a dinosaur, such as – how can it write letters?  Where’s the best place to find fossils?  And where does a dinosaur bathe?

What’s the story in Dear Dinosaur T.Rex on tour?

Dear Dinosaur Books Review - BecWebb.com

Max and Rex are still great penpals, but this time the museum dinosaurs are all on a World museum tour!  The two friends talk about the desert, the jungle and being somewhere extremely cold and snowy!

Dear Dinosaur Books Review - BecWebb.com

This book is every bit as sweet and fun as the first, with my two super excited to see where Rex would be next!  The format is the same, with fun letters for your child to unfold and read.

Dear Dinosaur Books Review - BecWebb.com

Here’s a flick through video of the insides of each of the Dear Dinosaur books.

My children absolutely love these Dear Dinosaur books, and aside from the bickering over who gets to open the next letter, we love reading them together over and over.

The story and idea behind each book is adorable – after all, what child wouldn’t love the idea of being able to write to a dinosaur?!  The illustrations are easy to understand – perfectly depicting the story on each page.  They are both gorgeous, and totally appealing to young ones with their bright and friendly style.

We wouldn’t hesistate to recommend these books to you.  You can get them from Amazon here for Dear Dinosaur, and here for Dear Dinosaur T.Rex on Tour.  Or you can click the pictures below and get to them also.

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I hope this review has helped you decide to go ahead and get these books!  You won’t regret it!


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