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Dinosaur Park Tenby Family Day Out

There surely cannot be two more dino obsessed children, than my twins.  Thankfully we are lucky enough to live fairly close to two dinosaur parks, in Wales.  Dan Yr Ogof Show Caves, and Dinosaur Park Tenby.

Honestly, from the moment they first discovered dinosaurs, they have not stopped obsessing ever since.  Their knowledge of dinosaur names astounds us.  They know far more than we’ve directly taught them, so they are great self learners – even at such a young age!

This post contains an Amazon UK affiliate link.  If you chose to purchase something then, at no extra cost to you, I will earn a small commission to help keep my children in dino park visits! 

Encouraging Their Interest

We encouraged their interest by buying dinosaur play figures, and dinosaur books.  Their very favourite book as soon as they got it, (and it still is their favourite) is this National Geographic dinosaur book for kids.

The book is for ages 4 – 8, but we gave it to the boys at age 2.  And they loved it!  They took any opportunity to get us, or anyone visiting, to sit and read it to them.  Before long they knew all the dinosaur names by sight.  It was amazing!

They also LOVED Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures on Cbeebies, or Andy’s Prehistoric Adventures as it is now.

Dinosaur Park Tenby

Discovering The Dinosaur Park Tenby

We had already taken the boys to Dan Yr Ogof Show Caves, in Brecon, which they enjoyed.  Then we found out that there was another dinosaur park in Wales – The Dinosaur Park Tenby.

The boys were ecstatic to find out we were going, and nagged us every single day with “when are we going to the dinosaur park??”.

Here is our video of our family day at The Dinosaur Park Tenby.

Dinosaur Park Tenby Lowdown

Whilst the dinosaurs on display aren’t the best you’ll ever see, they are certainly great for small children who have lower expectations.

The dinos on the woodland walk aren’t all that’s on offer, too.  You’ll also find a range of rides, most of which (if not all) are suitable for ages 3+.  The manned rides, such as the bumper boats, are free.  All unmanned rides cost just 2p! So it’s really good value, and there’s loads there to keep almost everyone entertained.

Sadly, due to lack of battery on my phone, I missed out on videoing lots of things.  But rest assured there is more there than what you see in our video – such as fossil hunting, diggers, triceratops rides, mini quad bikes etc.

All in all, this is a great family day out – we’ll certainly be returning again and again and again and….

At the time of visit the cost for 2 adults and 2 three year olds to get in was £45.50.  That was in April 2017.

Have you been to The Dinosaur Park Tenby yourself?  What did you think?  Do you have any dinosaur parks near where you live that you can recommend?  Let me know in the comments!


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