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7 Reasons You Need a Display Board For Your Home Ed Space

When the boy’s were about three, I decided to get a display board for our home ed space.  Well, ‘space’ is stretching it a bit, to be fair.  We do everything on our dining room table, and we have our home ed board on the wall there.

As much as I’d LOVE to have a whole room dedicated to our indoor educational endeavours, we just don’t have the space in our tiny house.

7 Reasons You Need a Display Board in Your Home Ed Space - BecWebb.com

Crafts and activities come and go here, depending on our moods, or the weather etc, so nothing stays around for very long (except mess of course – that’s always here!).  The one constant in our home ed lives, is our home ed display board.

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7 Reasons You Need a Display Board - BecWebb.com

7 Reasons You Need a Display Board in Your Home Ed Space

Our display board is something we all look forward to doing together each time it changes, and we all enjoy seeing (unlike the mess!).

It’s something that fosters creativity between us, unlike any other at home activity we do.  And there are many reasons why having a home ed display board has great benefits.

Here’s just a few!

  1. Choosing themes – it’s really fun to explore theme options.  Think about it – it’s limitless! And you are not restricted – any topic goes!  It’s a lot of fun to brainstorm ideas with your kids – it can be really funny, and gets their brains working.
  2. Researching your chosen theme – this is really fun.  Get to the library, find books in your chosen topic and pour over them at home with the kids.  Some great discussions are had here.  Also, get online and have fun Googling your theme.  Pinterest is another fantastic resource, as a goldmine for free themed activities by some fantastic bloggers.  My two love Pinterest!  Also, if you’re in any home ed Facebook groups – ask in there for recommended resources on your chosen subject.  Guaranteed there’ll be countless others who’ve already done it!  This is where my children learn and actively use research skills.
  3. Discussing the look – what colour background shall we have?  What material shall we use?  Where shall we source everything we need?  Shall we have a border?  What words and pictures could we do?  So many options and ideas can be discussed.  I’m often surprised by the ideas my two come up with.  List everything you’re going to need – great for spelling and writing!
  4. Sourcing what you need – with your list, spend time going through your craft supplies at home, and any other possible places at home that may have useful things, like the recycling.  Anything you need that you haven’t already got, creates a great chance to take the kids supplies shopping!  Helping out with finding the things from your list in the shops, is loads of fun for children.  And helping with working out the budget and paying has many benefits – budgeting & using maths is important in life after all.
  5. Decorating your board – yay, the arts and crafts bit!  We’ve had loads of fun decorating our boards.  From cutting, sticking, stapling, glittering, drawing pictures, using our Cricut machine etc.  My two really get to use their creativity with decorating the board.
  6. Ongoing pride – once the board is done we take photos of the board, and of the boys next to the board, showing it off.  When someone comes to the house they love to show it off and explain all the little bits – what they are, how they were made, where we got the bits from.  They clearly have joy and pride in their work.
  7. Ongoing discussion – our boards are typically up for about a month, while we are working on other things to do with our chosen topic.  It’s a great source of discussion at the dining table, when we’re all eating meals as a family and can look up at the board and talk about it with each other.  This means they are recalling information and facts that they’ve learnt throughout the month, and telling us about them like it’s the first time we’ve heard it.  It creates a lovely atmosphere, and means meal times never get boring! Well…. sometimes!😂

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7 Reasons You Need a Display Board - BecWebb.com

Display Board Must Haves

There’s a few things you need and should always have, if you’re going to have a permanent themed display board up.  Here are my recommendations to get you going:

  1. An actual display board, of course! – The one I bought from Amazon is no longer available, but here is one very similar.  It needs to be a cork board, chip board, or similar, for staples to go into.
  2. A staple gun! – Man I love my staple guns!  I use this one from Amazon, and also this one from Hobbycraft.  You can never have too many staple guns – if the one gun you have breaks it’s mortifying!!
  3. Backing paper – I buy this pad of A2 black paper, plus the coloured paper versions.  Also the poster display board rolls.
  4. Crepe paper rolls – great for creating texture and effects.  Hobbycraft have a nice range of colours.  You can also get rolls of crepe paper from The Range.
  5. Scissors – obvs!
  6. Sticky tape – of course, you’ve likely got this already, but you’ll need to stock up!  Get tape from Hobbycraft here, and also their double sided tape!
  7. Pens, pencils and crayons – for all the drawing you and the kids will do.  I pick up cheap sets from B&M.
  8. Recycling bits and bobs! – Start keeping small yogurt pots, bottle lids etc.  They’ll make great additions to your display board for many themes.
  9. Nature – leaves and flowers can easily be stapled onto your board (short term, obvs!).  Sticks make great tree trunks, leaves make great…..well, leaves! You get the idea.
  10. Stickers! – Stickers are a great addition to a display board, and can really enhance the look.  We currently have gold and silver star stickers over our space themed board, which we got from Poundland, two packs for £1.  You can also get stickers from The Range, and Hobbycraft – who both have a FAB range of stickers.
  11. Glue – because not everything suits being stapled.
  12. Card, felt and foam sheets – these are great for making all sorts of things for your board.  Hobbycraft has a great selection of felt, and foam sheets.  You can also find a wide range of card there too.
  13. Access to cool graphics – I love to have a good look around Freepik.com.  They have a HUGE range of graphics to download, covering every thing you can think of – and for free!  You just download your chosen graphics, and then print and cut!

7 Reasons You Need a Display Board - BecWebb.com

Not Essential But Really Nice to Have…

  1. A Cricut machine – Now, this is an expensive purchase, no doubt about that.  But I couldn’t live without my Cricut Maker machine.  It makes everything easier – cutting any paper or card I have, felt, foam etc.  And of course I make many projects with vinyl too, like this one and this one.  Having my Cricut means that I can get really intricut designs on our display board, which looks so much better, and also means I don’t have to further irritate the tendonitis I have in my hands and forearms with too much scissor work.
  2. A Laminator – If you want to make bits for your display board that you can re-use again and again, then a laminator is a great buy.  You can get them pretty cheap and basic, like this one here from Amazon.  That’s the one I have and it’s been great.  Don’t forget laminating pouches!
  3. A guillotine – I do like a nice straight line!  This one here from Amazon looks good.

7 Reasons You Need a Display Board - BecWebb.com

Once you’ve got all the basics, you’re pretty much set!  We tend to change our board monthly on average, but this changes depending on what the boy’s may fancy.  It’s a lot of fun, so I really don’t mind.

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As you can see, having a home ed display board can be really beneficial, in so many ways.  It’s definitely worth doing.

Do you already have a display board you update regularly?  Let me know in the comments!

Have a great day,

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