Free “Totally Fake” SVG For Faux Plants!

You know how most the time you try to make sure that your fake plants and flowers look as natural as possible?  No one must know we have faux flowers!!  Shhh!  Shut the faux up!  Here I have for you a free SVG to make your own vinyl decal – “totally fake”.

Embrace the fake!  Make fun of it.  Shove it in people’s faces.  Don’t hide behind the fake.  Shout the fake out loud!!

Ok, I’m being over the top.  Just enjoy this free SVG.

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Free "Totally Fake" SVG For Faux Plants!

Free “Totally Fake” SVG

I bought this succulent in a mirrored pot from The Range.  They have loads of nice artificial plants though, check them all out here.  As far as fake plants go, mine is not too shabby!

Fake plants are actually great for me.  I have yet to NOT kill a real plant.  I just have to remember to dust the fake ones!

Once cut in my Cricut Maker I just applied the SVG to my pot, and I have a great little ‘plant’ to put on display!

Free "Totally Fake" SVG For Faux Plants!

It looks pretty good don’t you agree?

Here it is alongside my other makes this weekend.

Free "Totally Fake" SVG For Faux Plants!

You can get the free SVG’s for ‘What’s he done this time?’ here, and ‘Yay Spring’s finally here’ here.

All of these were super easy to make using my Cricut Maker.

Don’t have a Cricut Maker?  Why not check it out at HobbyCraft here!  Defo one of my best ever buys!

Free "Totally Fake" SVG For Faux Plants!

The print in the picture is available to purchase as a pintable download in my Etsy shop – Love Chopsy.  Get it here!

To get the free SVG just click the link below to download.  The SVG is for personal use only, and is not to be sold, or used on products to sell.  Copyright remains with

Get SVG!



Have a great day!

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