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Grown ups – Have Some Respect For Children…Please

The older my children get, the more I notice just how impolite and inconsiderate grown ups can be towards them.  Well guess what grown ups?  Kids deserve respect too!

I’m getting more than a little hacked off with what I’m encountering lately.  But it’s not new.  I’ve been noticing this more and more over the last couple of years, I just haven’t fully registered what’s going on until recently.

If you’ve got little ones yourself, then no doubt you’ve noticed this too.  If you haven’t yet noticed – you will now!

Grown Ups Should Be Demonstrating Respect, If They Want it Back

I’ve noticed that maybe eight times out of ten, an adult normally with a trolley, will squeeze passed my children in a shop, in an often awkward fashion, rather than simply saying “excuse me” to them.

Now, if you’re an adult, and an adult is in your way, you simply look at them and say something like “excuse me”, or “sorry, can I just squeeze passed?”.  To which my response will be to say “of course”, and I will then move back out of the way so you can easily get passed me.

That’s how it works.

See how easy that is?

Now then, why are there adults in the world, who can’t afford children the same politeness?

Is it because, for some crazy reason, you believe a child is worth less than an adult?  Do you think they wouldn’t understand what you’re saying?  Is politeness reserved only for those over a certain age?

Would you not expect a child to have been taught to be polite to adults?  Were you NOT taught that as a child?

So why then, are my children excluded from politeness in your eyes?

There are even those who accidentally brush passed them, or bump them, and they look up AT ME and say “oh sorry”!  No no.  Don’t be sorry to me, I’m not the one you bumped.  Be a grown up and say it to my child please – the one you actually bumped.

They are the ones who deserve politeness and respect, the same as any other person.

Why do you not seem to feel the same?

Look, I’m not saying you’re doing it on purpose…

…or to be mean.  It’s just that for some reason you’re not registering my children as people who deserve mutual respect.  I can’t help but wonder though, if you are probably the very people who complain about children having a lack of respect for adults in this day and age…

Children learn from adults.  We teach them to remember their please and thank yous, to say hello and goodbye, say excuse me and pardon me, and to just generally always be polite.

As it happens, the compliment we get most about our two gorgeous boys, is how polite they are.  Imagine being a really polite little child, and not getting the same in return from the very people who we encourage them to be polite to!

Dudes, be polite to my kids, or you can bet your ass that I’m gonna start speaking up in their defense!

No one wants that kind of embarrassment.  Respect is a two way street, so let’s make sure our children know that it works both ways, and that they deserve it.

Please.  And thank you.

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Have you noticed the same happening to your children?  Does it enrage you, like it’s beginning to me?  Let me know! email signature


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