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Hello Home Education!

This September saw the beginning of something huge for us – the official start of our home education journey with the boys!

Bit of background to our decision – when the boys were about three months old, I saw a TV show (Loose Women to be precise) where one of the presenters, Nadia Sawalha, was talking about how she had taken her children out of school, to home educate them.

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Hello Home Education! - BecWebb.com

WTF I thought?!  What is this ‘home education’??  It surely can’t be legal to just take your children out of school….

So I turned to my most knowledgeable and trusted friend – Google.  Sure enough, home education was legal.

Not only was it legal, but it was actually pretty common in the UK, and there was so much information about it online, and best of all – through Facebook groups.

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Hello Home Education!

After joining some Facebook home education groups, it didn’t take long for me to realise that this would be the most perfect thing for our family.  It totally suited and fit in with our thoughts and feelings about tradition school.

I knew pretty much straight away that this was the route for us.  After gathering as much info as I could, I presented the case to Dave – who also had never heard of this possibility.

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Hello Home Education! - BecWebb.com

I was completely thrilled that he wasn’t opposed to the idea!  He had some questions and some reservations, sure, but it didn’t take long for him to totally get it and be onboard.  So that was it.  Less than a year old and we had already made this huge decision about our twin’s future.

We could not be more excited, and feel brimming with positivity about it.

Hello Home Education! - BecWebb.com

How Did it Go Down With Friends & Family?

It was nerve wracking to tell people, because we were going completely against the norm of what we knew they all knew.  There are no home educators in our family or circle of friends, but everyone has been pretty supportive to be fair.

We’ve not received any negativity about our decision, which is great.

What Does Home Education Look Like?

It looks like this…

Trips to the park, the library, picnics, museums, fun and crafts at home, nature hunts, and as above in the post – playing games….anything is open and available for them to do.

What Next?

Well, our first year started off with very little change to our normal every day lives as we already live them.  Going forward we have no set plans in place.  We won’t be following the government curriculum, as we want freedom in the way the boys learn, and a lot more flexibility and choice.

There’ll be plenty of home education related posts in the future no doubt, but one thing I want to do is make sure they all remain positive, fun, and bright and breezy.

Just like us.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little insight into the beginning of our home education journey.

As usual, pop any questions or comments below – let’s chat!


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