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Little Brian Paint Sticks Review and Demo YouTube Video!

We recently got to try out some Little Brian Paint Sticks, and straight up – I love them!  I’m a parent that HATES when my kids ask to get the paint out.  Not only because of the dreaded clean up, but also the added worry of living in a rented house, and the very high risk of getting paint on the walls and having to repaint every couple of weeks!  Gah!

I’ve had the Little Brian Paint Sticks in one of my Amazon wish lists for a while, debating whether to buy or not.  So when we were sent some to try out I was thrilled!  I couldn’t wait to try them, but sadly – I had to let the kids have a go first!

Disclaimer – we were sent the Paint Sticks as a gift, to review.  This post also includes a affiliate links.  Full disclaimer here.

Little Brian Paint Sticks First Impressions

We were sent the 24 multi-pack, which includes 12 classic colours, 6 metallic colours, and 6 day-glo colours.  They’re really simple to use too.  You just take off the lid and twist the paint stick up – much like a glue stick – then go nuts!

They glide on super easy.  No pulling, or tearing of the paper.  The colour is highly pigmented, so it looks strong and bright on paper.

We also made Christmas cards with them, using Kraft cards from Hobbycraft.  They worked really well, and looked great!

Little Brian Paint Sticks Review -

What Else Can Little Brian Paint Sticks Be Used On?

Water soluble and child friendly, the Paint Sticks can be used on many things.  Including paper, card, canvas and wood.  We used them on MDF, and Lewi and Ollie did a little demo video for their YouTube channel.

As a side note, Little Brian Paint Stick tubes can also be recycled!  Just be sure to use up all of the paint, remove any left over bits, and chuck the tubes in your plastic recycling!  Woohoo!

Another amazing thing about the Paint Sticks, is that they can be used on windows and mirrors, AND WIPE OFF!  This is great fun for kids.  Just make sure they know not to draw on windows and mirrors with anything other than their Little Brian Paint Sticks (hide the Sharpies!).

It’s another great way to keep them entertained indoors, especially when it’s pouring with rain outside.

You can also do watercolour style painting with them, but for some reason I didn’t take a photo of my watercolour ‘art’!

Do We Recommend Little Brian Paint Sticks?

Without question!  I love them so much, I’ve already bought some as gifts for children in the family for Christmas, and we’ll definitely be buying them again when ours run out.  I quite fancy the new fabric paint sticks, and the chalk sticks.

Like I said at the beginning, if you’re a parent who dreads hearing the words “can we do some painting?”, then you NEED these Little Brian Paint Sticks.  Just put them on the table and let the kids get on with it.

Little Brian Paint Sticks Review -

The alternative, actual paint, includes – pouring paint into pots; getting loads of brushes out; putting a pot of water out; getting extra table and floor coverings down; struggling to get ‘messy clothes’ on the kids.

And then of course once they are done (typically five minutes after you’ve just spent twenty minutes setting everything up!) you have the clean up – take paint covered clothes off kids and add to already huge washing pile; take all the pots and brushes out to the kitchen; wash all the pots and brushes; clean up the table and floor of water and paint spillages; find somewhere for all the ‘wonderful’ paintings to dry for the next twenty four hours because they’ve just HAD to use half the paint in one blobby pile on one area of the paper.

I mean, I’m exhausted just typing that, let alone doing it all!

Do yourself a mahoosive favour, and go check out  Your sanity will thank you for it.

We were gifted our paint sticks to try out and review.  All opinions are totally our own!

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Little Brian Paint Sticks Review -

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