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Make a LEGO Egyptian Pyramid and Mummy!

LEGO plays a huge part of our home education.  Almost any topic can include LEGO in some way.  This week we went to our local museum and the boy’s saw an Egyptian sarcophagus!  It wasn’t a topic we were working on, but that’s the beauty of home education – the boy’s can learn about whatever they want, whenever they want.

Once home we all sat together on the sofa and searched YouTube for kid friendly videos about ancient Egypt, and watched some videos about mummification.  It was totally new to the boys, and very interesting.  So, as LEGO takes up most of our time all day every day, we decided to see if we could make a pyramid, sarcophagus, and mummy out of LEGO.

Making a LEGO Pyramid and Sarcophagus

Whilst this is something that grates on me, I fully knew that we wouldn’t have enough LEGO bricks of one colour to make the pyramid, so it had to be…..multi-coloured!  Ha!

It took a a good few minutes for me to work out how to make the pyramid shape to be honest, after their initial attempt, but was so obvious then!  I think this looks great!

Make a LEGO Egyptian Pyramid - BecWebb.com

We needed to be able to move our sarcophagus in and out with ease, so we only built three sides of the LEGO pyramid (it was intentional, honest!).

The format of building a pyramid took a couple of goes to get right, with me having to help out with how to do it in the end.  Our LEGO pyramid was 18×18 studs on the bottom layer, then stepping in for each layer, bearing in mind the corners.

Make a LEGO Egyptian Pyramid - BecWebb.com

The sarcophagus was a small 12×6 stud base plate, and we just found a mixture of some single row bricks, single one stud bricks, and a couple of standard 2×4 stud bricks to make the rough shape of a sarcophagus.

We used a 6×8 base plate and two 4×4 base plates to make the lid for the sarcophagus, and then they decorated the top to look like a Pharaoh.  Inside we placed a LEGO minifigure with a straight long black wig, beige clothing, and a double sided female face, which we turned to the side so it would just look like the long eye makeup.

Make a LEGO Egyptian Pyramid - BecWebb.com

Then we placed some gold lego accessories inside to be the riches that a Pharaoh may have been buried with.  You have to try to be authentic, right?

Make a LEGO Egyptian Pyramid - BecWebb.com

Make a LEGO Egyptian Pyramid - BecWebb.com

The surrounding walls by the way, are the boy’s first attempt at a pyramid.  I told them to leave them up as they could pass as ancient Egyptian ruins or something!

My kids had great fun using LEGO to replicate an Egyptian pyramid, sarcophagus and Mummy.  This along with a trip to the museum to see a Mummy, and watching YouTube videos about ancient Egypt made for a fantastic impromptu history lesson!

The boy’s had great fun replicating an Egyptian pyramid, sarcophagus and mummy.  This, along with the trip to the Swansea Museum to see the Mummy, Hor, and watching YouTube videos about mummification such as this Simple History one, and this Ted-Ed one, (this one is slightly more detailed and harder to understand).

They also enjoyed this Simple History video, about how the Pyramids of Giza may have been made.

Make a LEGO Egyptian Pyramid - BecWebb.com

At the end the boy’s had great fun just playing with their pyramid.  They covered it with a bunch of crazy visitors, all fighting to see who could get to the top of the pyramid first!

Make a LEGO Egyptian Pyramid - BecWebb.com

Overall this has been a great impromptu one day project, and a fun way to learn something totally new to them.

This kind of thing covers many areas and skills (basically STEM) – creativity, imagination, thought, planning, engineering, research skills, building skills, and the ability to problem solve, amongst many others also, no doubt.

I hope this inspires you and your kids to get creating your own LEGO Egyptian pyramid and Mummy!



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