Meet The Family

Welcome!  So you wanna find out more about our family hey?  Well please, read on as I introduce you to The Webbs’s’s.  (does anyone ever remember where to put the apostrophe in names? Or if there even is one??? NOT ME!)

The Webb Family

Meet The Family - Mum


I’m Bec.  Mum to Lewis and Oliver (Lewi & Ollie), wife to Dave.  I’m a stay at home mum and I write this blog.  I have a dry, sarcastic sense of humour.  Mocking Dave is one of my favourite pastimes.  I take pleasure in correcting people (Dave).

Attempting to be a jack of all trades is one of my favourite things to do – many a project has been started, because I think I am crafty enough, only to be sent up the attic to live the rest of its life in unfinished shame.

I love my family, and ensuring my family live a long, fun, happy life is my ultimate goal.

Meet The Family - Dad


This is Dave.  He likes to be called Dai (pronounced die for you non Welsh folk).  Dave loves playing with Lewi & Ollie and making them laugh.  Together they all like a bit of rough and tumble, giving me a near heart attack at the thought of possible broken necks most days.

Dave hates rudeness.  He always says hello to people we walk passed on the street, and he hates when people don’t make eye contact.  He hates being corrected (by me).  Dave is the most supportive husband ever, and never complains about my multiple project fails.

Meet The Family - Lewi

Lewis: Nickname – Pudding

This is Lewis, and he is four years old.  We call him Lewi (pronounced the same way Huey is).  It’s a rare day when Lewi isn’t dressed up in one of his costumes.  He loves his food, especially sweet stuff and fruit.  Lewi is definitely more the bossy one out of the boys, and regularly tells Ollie what to do.

He loves saying ‘See, I told you [insert thing he actually didn’t tell you here]’.  He loves using his tablet and watching other families having fun on YouTube Kids, much the same as Ollie does.

Lewi loves being outdoors, especially on his scooter.  He’s currently trying to teach himself tricks that he sees older boys doing on their stunt scooters.  He’s actually really good at self learning, and very determined.

Lewi loves playing with his LEGO.  He loves to follow the instructions in the LEGO books with me or Dave, and is slowly learning to follow them on his own.

If he sees me and Dave laughing at something Ollie has done he is quick to copy, to get the same laughs.  Much like Dave, he can’t come up with his own comedy.  When he’s tired, he loves to sit and cwtch with you (cwtch = welsh for cuddle).  He’s a very quick learner, and loves to ask questions.

Meet The Family - Ollie

Oliver: Nickname – Sausage

This is Oliver, he is also four years old.  We call him Ollie (pronounced like Ollie).  Ollie is a really cheeky one.  He’s the one who will say “hello old lady” to a fifty year old in the supermarket.  He loves food with meat in, especially ham sandwiches.  Ollie learnt early on in life to just concede when it comes to the demands of his twin.  He just likes an easy life.

Ollie is very forthcoming with his affection.  He regularly offers kisses and asks for ‘family hugs’.  He can be quite inappropriate at times.  He stands close up next to people for no reason, and remains there – in silence.  He once went and sat on a strangers lap in the play centre.

Like Lewi, Ollie loves being outside.  They both love nature and take real pleasure in finding leaves, sticks, pinecones, acorns etc, and gifting them to me.  Ollie loves scooting too, but will often drop the scooter and do his favourite thing – running.

Like Lewi, Ollie loves playing with LEGO. He loves to create and invent things with it, and I’m starting to think he will be an inventor when he grows up.

Ollie has a real thirst for knowledge when it comes to dinosaurs, and his expertise in this area really amazes us.  He’s definitely the joker of the two boys, and actually is quite the comedy genius, much like myself.

Meet The Family - Twinning at Home -


So that’s the family.  Maybe you’re reading this and think you’d like to work with us?  If so, check out my Wanna Work Together? page here.

Thanks for coming to learn about my family!