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ParkLives – Fun in The Parks During Summer

We’ve just come home from having a morning at one of our many local parks, where we joined in with a Circus Skills & Super Sport event –  a completely free event run by ParkLives!

I’ve seen the notices up around our parks for the last couple of years, but as the boys were very small I never bothered looking into what it was about.  This Summer the boys are three and a half years old, and this morning took an interest in what was going on in the park.  They asked if they could go and watch the children playing cricket.  So off we went to watch.

ParkLives – Free Outdoor Activities

For those of you who don’t know, ParkLives is a UK scheme sponsored by Coca-Cola, and other partners, offering free outdoor activites such as Tai Chi, Golf, Volleyball, Yoga etc in your local park, or even your local beaches!

For us this morning, we had stumbled upon ‘Circus Skills & Super Sports’ in Cwmdonkin park, Swansea.

ParkLives - Making The Most of Your Parks During Summer

It started off with the boys noticing some children playing cricket, and they asked me if they could go and watch them.  After about five minutes I noticed that behind us there were other things going on in the tennis courts.  We went in and asked if we could join in, and they were very welcoming.

The photos may look like they were the only kids there, but that is just because I timed my photos to try an avoid other children being in them.  In reality there were many children there – boys and girls, from very young up to pre-teen.  There were three or four ParkLives reps there organising the children.

One twin is in his ‘Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures’ outfit by the way! Ha!

Plenty To Keep Kids Entertained

There were set activities for them to join in with, such as throwing bean bags into hulahoops on the floor; throwing rubber hoops onto cones; cricket; tennis; circus skills etc and also the boys were told they could play with anything they liked too.  To be fair, I think they pretty much gave everything a go in the bag of goodies!

It was really great to see such a mixture of kids there, all of varying skills and abilities, but all mixing together well.  And the ParkLives reps were really friendly and involved with the kids too.

The boys had loads of fun, got to try out some new things, had lots of fresh air and exercise, and it killed an extra hour being outdoors.

So Much More To ParkLives

When I got home I checked out the ParkLives website, and found out that ParkLives is run nationwide in the UK.  There are loads of activities, not only geared towards kids, but adults too.

There’s also a really handy postcode and date checker, so you can pop your details in and it will bring up everything thats going on around you locally.  A lot of variety!  I’m quite fancying family yoga next.  Not sure what Dave will think! Haha!


Check out to see what’s going on near you in the UK!  All activites are 100% free and totally inclusive of everyone, though some activities have age restrictions obviously.

Have you already taken part in some local ParkLives activities?  Which ones?  Let me know in the comments!


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