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Review of Mrs Mactivity – Creative Learning Resources For Parents & Teachers

As a home educating family, I am always on the lookout for educational resources.  Particularly ones that help us be creative, because when it comes to coming up with kids craft activities I’m surprisingly UNcreative!  Please step forward Mrs Mactivity!

We found Mrs Mactivity at just about the right time – when we have rainy days ahead, and I need extra help with keeping the boys entertained at home.  There’s only so much LEGO a person can play, you understand?  And to be honest, I think my boys are getting fed up of me just scribbling on an empty toilet roll tube and considering that their craft for the day.

Disclaimer – we received access to Mrs Mactivity for free in return for us testing the activities out and providing our honest opinion.

Making Learning Fun With Mrs Mactivity

As it states on their website – “Mrs Mactivity is the place to come for adorable creative learning resources and display materials that kids and teachers love!”.

I agree!  All the activites are wonderful, and the hand drawn resources are really adorable indeed.  What a great team of people they are!

So let’s take a look at the website, shall we?

Mrs Mactivity Screenshot - BecWebb.com

Cute huh??

We found Mrs Mactivity really easy to navigate.  It’s colourful, fun and inviting.

Here’s what the website says it’s about:

“We make adorable, creative learning resources suitable for both teachers and parents – made by teachers, tested by kids.  We specialise in truly unique resources that you won’t find anywhere else on the web.  Our mission is to change the world through inspiring and fun learning resources that really motivate children to learn.”

Well that is true, my two certainly enjoyed looking through the resources, and found the ones we did really engaging.

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“We believe less is more, and you won’t need to spend hours trawling through our website to find what you need – we believe that people want quality resources over quantity.  If we don’t have what you want, drop us an email and we’ll do our best to make it for you.”

I’m a huge advocate for other resource websites, but at times it can get overwhelming with the sheer amount available.  It can be distracting and off-putting to have way too much choice sometimes.  Where Mrs Mactivity excels in my opinion, is that the amount available is relevant, organised, and controlled.  No overwhelm here!

The fact that you can email to suggest other resources is a huge bonus too!

Mrs Mactivity Review - TwinningatHome.com

“Most of our resources are free, but as we don’t use advertising on our site, we charge a very modest fee of £9.97 per year, so you can access everything and also enable us to make more.”

Yes folks, you read that right.  I mean, that’s an amazing price by any standards, but I feel Mrs Mactivity is worth so much more.  The quality of resources available are outstanding.  Anything that keeps my usually short attention spanned children engaged for hours (as opposed to the usual ten minutes!) is a HUGE benefit!

Not just for home educators!

Listen – never mind the fact that I’m a home educator – as parents we all get involved in helping our children learn, develop, be entertained etc.  It’s not necessarily just about this being an educational website.  Is it raining outside?  Too cold to go out?  Simply can’t be bothered to go anywhere?  Mrs Mactivity has you covered!

The first section we hit on the Mrs Mactivity website, was the Halloween category.  I printed them all off (I use HP Instant Ink and pay £7.99 a month to print 300 pages – get one month free when you sign up here), and gave the boy’s a choice of which activity to do first.  They chose to make the Halloween paper chains.

Mrs Mactivity Review - TwinningatHome.com

Each activity we printed, unless a specific colouring in activity, gave us the option to print a colour version, or a black and white version to colour in yourself.

I thought this was a really nice touch.  It means that for certain things where there are a lot of pieces, like the paper chains, we could just get straight on with the activity of cutting and sticking, rather than colouring in all of those strips.

Of course, having the black and white versions are perfect for colouring enthustiastic children!

Mrs Mactivity Review - TwinningatHome.com

The boys LOVE cutting things, so this was a perfect activity for them.  Particularly Lewi (on the right), who really took on this activity as his own.

Once all the strips were cut out he carefully stuck each strip on to the chain, counting how many links there were after each addition.

Mrs Mactivity Review - TwinningatHome.com

Ollie was keen to move on to another activity that caught his eye – the Halloween cone people.  He enjoyed colouring them in and then cutting out all the bits, to attach and make the cone people.

Mrs Mactivity Review - TwinningatHome.com

Whilst he was a bit more…carefree, shall we say, with cutting a straight line for the paper chain strips, he put his full effort into cutting out the pieces for the cone people, and did a great job!

Mrs Mactivity Review - TwinningatHome.com

Ollie really took pride in his cone people, and it wasn’t long before it piqued Lewi’s interest too.  So here we go, four cone people later.  Aren’t they cute??

Mrs Mactivity Review - TwinningatHome.com

Is it Worth Subscribing to Mrs Mactivity?

Oh definitely!  I’ve no doubt that this is worth every single one of the 997 pennies that it costs.  If anything, you are getting a HUGE bargain!

Mrs Mactivity has loads of great activities on the site, and more get added regularly.  The site also covers celebrations, seasons and holidays, like these Halloween activities – which is super handy because my two always want to do something for XYZ time of year.

Just the first few topics in the drop down menu cover Halloween, World Nursery Rhyme Week, Winter, Christmas, Unicorns, Superheroes, to name just a few.

Like mentioned above, I got access for free to try out the site with my children, but there’s no question that I’ll be subscribing to Mrs Mactivity year after year, as I just think this is a fab, fun, and invaluable resource for keeping my boys entertained, and learning in a fun way.

And ultimately, that’s the best way to learn, right?

You can find the Mrs Mactivity website here.  And why not follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook too!

If you’ve got kids, you won’t be disappointed with Mrs Mactivity!  Go check them out!!


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