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Ronald the Rhino – A Twinkl Originals Book Review

When Twinkl offered to send me their very first physical Twinkl Originals book, Ronald the Rhino, I was delighted to accept!  As you may know, we use Twinkl regularly in our house (read a full review here), and reading the Twinkl Originals eBooks is something we often do.

Twinkl have now started rolling out their eBooks as physical books, posted to your home as part of their new Twinkl Book Club subscription – an add-on to their main subscriptions.

Disclaimer – Twinkl sent me a free copy of Ronald the Rhino in exchange for my honest review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Ronald the Rhino Twinkl Originals Book Review

Ronald The Rhino Book Gets Delivered

The boys were really excited to get one of the eBooks they love, delivered as an actual book.  When it arrived we promptly sat down to read it.

The book itself is a lovely size, and it feels really good quality.  The pages are filled with the typical gorgeous Twinkl style illustrations, which the boys found really engaging and fun.

Lewi loved that he had little toy animals the same as in the book, and swiftly went to find them to match them up to the pictures.

What’s The Story About?

Poor old Ronald is having a bit of a downer on himself.  He can see all the other jungle animals seem to look very grand, or have special skills.

He wants to change to be like one of them, but it doesn’t work out.  His jungle friends then take it upon themselves to show Ronald that he is wonderful just as himself.

Twinkl Augmented Reality App

Twinkl have a brand new augmented reality app out (free to download on the App Store, and Google Play), which can be used with Ronald the Rhino book.  Well, I’ve never seen augmented reality before, but I loved it!  It basically makes the characters come alive on some of the pages in the book.

The boys were amazed!  They were beyond excited when we got it going.

How amazing is that???  It’s so clever, and the boys could not wait to show Daddy when he got home from work.

Ronald The Rhino Activities

As usual for Twinkl, all of their eBooks come with accompanying activites to do.  There is a huge range to choose from, and the boys chose some website based activites, rather than arts & crafts type, as they had enjoyed the halloween style ones so much.

They like to sit with me while looking through the options, so they can have a say in what they do.

As you can see, there are loads of activities to choose from – nine pages worth!

We chose to do Ronald the Rhino Can You Find…?, What Am I? Jungle Animal Powerpoint, and Where In The World Does Ronald The Rhino Live? Powerpoint.

Ronald the Rhino Twinkl Originals Book Review

The Can You Find posters are pretty basic for their age to be fair, but we used to use them loads when the boys were around two, so they are fantastic for children around that age.

Where in the world does Ronald the Rhino live was really interesting.  It has photos of real rhino, and maps of where they live, and some really informative supporting information.

Their favourite was definitely the What Am I powerpoint.  They were given three clues to guess what animal was being described, and then press the button to find out if they were right or not.  This really got them thinking, and they got most of the answers correct.

Ronald the Rhino Twinkl Originals Book Review

What I Loved Most About Ronald The Rhino

As a mum, I am constantly reminding my children about how loved they are.  What I loved most about the Ronald the Rhino book was that it reinforced to the boys something that Dave and myself regularly remind them – they are just wonderful as they are.

As a parent this is exactly what you want your children to know.  That they are wonderful, they are loved, they are beautiful inside and out, and that they have many wonderful skills and traits.  And this beautiful books helps to remind them of this.

Lewi said to me, “Mummy, you always say Lewi is your favourite person for me to be”.

The Twinkl Book Club Subscription

I have the Twinkl Book Club subscription now, and just a day or two after Ronald the Rhino arrived, Sparks in the Sky arrived.  The boys were again over the moon to have a new book posted just for them.

We had only read this as an eBook a couple of days previously, so they knew the story straight away.  Again, Sparks in the Sky comes with loads of accompanying activities on the Twinkl website.

If you haven’t already checked Twinkl out, then please do!  It’s is an amazing resource.  You can read my full review of the website here.

Would I recommend Twinkl, and specifically the Book Club to others?  Absolutely!  The books are gorgeous, there’s plenty of fun and engaging activities to do alongside the books, and the boys now get really excited to have books delivered just for them!

It’s most certainly worth the small extra cost to my usual subscription.

Thanks for reading!

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