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Seriously Silly Stories Children’s Books Review

We’ve been reading the Seriously Silly Stories books, by Laurence Anholt and Arthur Robins, as a change from our usual picture books.  As my twins transition from picture books (which we still, and will continue to, love) to stories with more to them, I was definitely interested when I saw this collection of books.

I saw that they would have the appeal of hopefully being funny, but was concerned that the boy’s would miss the gorgeous illustrations their other books had.  Initially, this turned out to be the case.  The first thing they commented on was the lack of pictures!

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Our Thoughts on Seriously Silly Stories Books

The Seriously Silly Books do have illustrations, but they are black and white sketch style, and very busy.  I’d liken them to the illustrations by Quentin Blake, used in the Roald Dahl books – but without colour (with the exception of the cover illustrations, which are in colour).

Seriously Silly Stories Books Review

This isn’t a bad thing though!  Once the boy’s got used to them they quite liked their humorous style, and like to point out the funny things that they see.  However, the main point of these books, is to enjoy the stories.

What are the stories like?

All of the Seriously Silly Stories are funny takes on classic tales.  The books we have are:

  • The Rather Small Turnip
  • Little Red Riding Wolf
  • Daft Jack and The Bean Stack
  • Rumply Crumply Stinky Pin
  • The Fried Piper of Hamstring
  • Ghostyshocks and The Three Scares
  • Eco-Wolf and The Three Pigs
  • The Emperor’s Underwear
  • Billy Beast
  • Shampoozel

Some of the books have cheeky humour that children will love (though it’s personal taste whether you would want them to enjoy a bit of toilet humour or not).  An example of this would be in the book Shampoozel, where the hair loving barber is singing about hair, and this is one of his songs…

Hair, hair, marvellous hair,

The poor can have more than a millionaire.

You may think it’s silly, but it grows on my….

Haha!!  Well this made us chuckle!

There are some references in the books that children wouldn’t get.  For example, again in Shampoozel, the barber’s girlfriend is called Tam O’Tei…  They also reference Wash ‘n Go.

Seriously Silly Stories Books Review

Seriously Silly Stories Books Review


The recommended age of the books is for ages 5-7.  I would say that’s certainly about right, possibly up to a bit older.

As a side note, Eco-Wolf and The Three Pigs was shortlisted for the Blue Peter Book Awards, and Snow White and the Seven Aliens (which we don’t have) is a Smarties Gold Award Winner.  There are plenty more in the Seriously Silly Stories range, on top of the ones we own.

I prefer these books to the actual original tales.  They are definitely amusing, even for me, and I love the authors imagination!  I would definitely recommend them.  Our personal favourites not to miss are Shampoozel, Rumply Crumply Stinky Pin, Daft Jack and The Bean Stack and Little Red Riding Wolf.  These ones provided the most laughs.

I hope this review of Seriously Silly Stories has helped you decide whether to get them or not.  Why not check out the range on Amazon!

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