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There is No Dragon in This Story Children’s Book Review

We’ve been reading There is No Dragon in This Story, a Bloomsbury children’s book by Lou Carter and Deborah Allwright.  The first thing that strikes you about the book is the gorgeous cover illustrations – bright, bold and sweet.  The cover is generally matte, with some lovely glossy highlights.

It’s an eye catching cover, and it’s what drew me to the book to begin with, without even knowing the story.  Upon closer inspection you start to recognise some of the characters depicted on the cover…

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Our Review of There is No Dragon in This Story Book

The cover illustrations and title together give you a good idea of what There is No Dragon in This Story is about…

What’s the story?

The book begins with a story about a dragon capturing a Princess, and fighting a knight who is trying to rescue the Princess, but it abruptly stops there…

Dragon, fed up of being cast as the bad guy in stories, and no longer wanting to save Princesses, decides he wants to be a story hero instead.  So he goes off in a huff.

He’s in search of a story to join in with, to be the hero.  Along the way he comes across stories that you’ll recognise – The Gingerbread Man, The Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks, and Red Riding Hood, among others.  However, no one wants a dragon in their story!

There is No Dragon in This Story Childrens Book Review - BecWebb.com

Our Thoughts on There is No Dragon in This Story

I love the concept of this story.  The dragon, wanting to become a better person, comes across knock back after knock back, until he finally gets to be the hero!

The author’s writing is fun and humorous.  It’s blunt, but in a good way.  The story totally engaged my twins, and it was amusing that the beginning of the book leads you to believe the story is going one way….then totally goes off in another direction.

What I also love about this book, is the dragon’s facial expressions.  They totally convey what the dragon is feeling in each situation.  He’s really cute and you can’t help but love him.  The illustrations throughout, are totally charming.

There is No Dragon in This Story Childrens Book Review - BecWebb.com

There is No Dragon in This Story Childrens Book Review - BecWebb.com

What my twins loved about me reading this book, is that because there are so many characters, I was able to do different voices for each one.  They found it quite amusing.  The first time we read it they enjoyed the discovery of characters they knew from other stories on each page.

Here’s a brief flick through video for you to get an idea of the whole of the inside.

Do we recommend this book?

Yes!  There is No Dragon in This Story feels instantly welcoming to children, in the recognition of the characters.  The fact that the main character realises from the beginning that he wants to be a hero instead of a bad guy, and goes out of his way to try and help people, is encouraging.

The book gave us an opportunity to talk about why you’d want to be a hero and not a bad guy; how you can try to help others; deal with rejection; and ultimately you can be someone’s hero.  It was nice.

We definitely recommend adding this to your picture book collection.

I hope you’ve found this review helpful.  You can get There is No Dragon in This Story from Amazon here.


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