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Untamed T-Rex Interactive Dinosaur Toy Review

Lewi and Ollie love dinosaurs.  I mean they LOVE dinosaurs!  We truly believe this is a love for life.  When looking for toys, you can guarantee the first thing they look for is dinosaurs.  And the Fingerlings Untamed T-Rex toys, and Untamed Raptors hadn’t gone un-noticed…

Imagine their joy when they were recently sent two Untamed T-Rex toys, as a gift to review!  They were beyond thrilled, and couldn’t wait to rip open the packaging to play with them.

*Disclaimer – this post contains affiliate links, and the toys were gifted to us.  Full disclaimer here.

Lewi & Ollie Review Untamed T-Rex Toys!

The dinosaurs have hardly left the boy’s sides since they got them.  They’re with them when we go out, when they’re playing, painting, and even when they’re eating breakfast!

The Untamed T-Rex dinosaurs have over 40 sounds and animations.  You can activate these by doing things such as rubbing their nose, back of the head, or blowing in his face.  They blink, turn their heads, and open and close their mouth.  They really are pretty cool!

Lewi & Ollie have even made their own little advert for them!

Lewi and Ollie’s regular dinosaurs haven’t had much of a look in since the Untamed T-Rex one’s have been on the scene, and there is so much play potential with them.

Because they are interactive, we’ve had loads of fun taking them to the park to play hide and seek with them.  The Untamed T-Rex’s are really robust, so they’ve handled being thrown around, dropped, and launched down slides really well.

Untamed T-Rex Interactive Dinosaur Toy Review -

Hide & Seek With The Untamed T-Rex Toys

We take it in turns to hide the dinosaurs, and then hunt them down.  With the T-Rex’s switched on we are able to listen out for their roars to help us find them.  The boy’s love playing this, and we’ve done it a few times now.

We’ve put a video up on Lewi & Olli’es new YouTube channel (you can subscribe here), of us playing hide and seek at one of our local playgrounds.  This is definitely a fun way to spend time with your kids!

What Can The Untamed T-Rex Toys Do?

The dinosaurs come with batteries installed, so it’s ready to play straight away.  They are switched on and off with a switch at the back of their heads.  It’s really simple to play with them – they have two sensors on their heads, one on top of his nose, and one at the back of his head.

Stroking and tapping the areas separately, or simultaneously, will get varying roars, and even happy little purrs.  You can blow in their face and they’ll sneeze.  You can put them to sleep, and you can even make them fart and burp!

They really are a lot of fun.  For the price you cannot go wrong honestly! 

Untamed T-Rex Interactive Dinosaur Toy Review

Do We Recommend Them?

Yes!  A big yes from me, and an even bigger yes from Lewi & Ollie!  The Untamed T-Rex’s and the Untamed Raptors make perfect toys for little dino fans.  Lewi & Ollie are five, and they are able to work them quite well, though they don’t use the actions so much as just listen to whatever sounds they happen to make whilst being played with.

For slightly older children they would have fun truly getting to know the different functions, and learning ways to tame them.  This official video is helpful to get to know the features.

I do think they have a lot of play value for a wide age range, and I can see the boy’s will still get value out of these in a year or two, with the ability to play with them in a different way to how they do now.

All in all I think they are perfect for my two, and they’ll play with them for a long time to come.

Why not check out Untamed T-Rex on Amazon here.  You can also get Untamed Raptors, and Fingerlings!

Many thanks to Wire PR who sent these toys to Lewi & Ollie to play with.

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