Upcycled Coffee Jar “What’s He Done This Time?” Vase

I love using my Cricut Maker to create home decor accessories.  Having my Maker means I can whip something up really quick, whenever the mood takes me.  Inspiration hit me this weekend when I saw the glass recycling pile, and I decided to make a couple of upcycled coffee jar vases for my new flowers.

You know how when you get new flowers, and you think “where the hell are all my damn vases?!”?  Yeah, that’s always me!  Never a vase in the vicinity when I need one.  So there you go, a great reason to get my Maker out and make my own cute vases.

Take a look at how easy it was to make, and at the bottom of the post you can click the link to download the SVG file to make your own!

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Upcycled Coffee Jar "What's He Done This Time?" Vase

Upcycled Coffee Jar Vase

Who else loves a nice cup of Douwe Egberts?  (or Dowie Eggbutts if you’re like my hubby!)  The best thing about them is the lovely little jar you’re left with at the end.

I’m not even exaggerating when I say that a couple of years ago I had a huge box with about 20 empty Douwe Egberts jars in, of varying sizes, because “one day I’ll upcycle them”…  Well in the end Dave threw them all away.  Now I’m a Cricut owner I’d give anything to have my box of jars back!  Ugh.  Typical.

Anyway, on to my vase…

For the words ‘he done’ I used this font here, and for the words ‘What’s’ and ‘now!’ I used this font here.  The decorative lines I created myself.

The Cricut Bit

(Hey did you know that Cricut is pronounced like cricket??  I have always pronounced it like cry-cut!  How wrong I was!  Ha!)

Ok, I uploaded my designs into Cricut Design Space, placing both this design and my other upcycled jar vase design onto the one mat for cutting, then did the weeding.

Upcycled Coffee Jar "What's He Done This Time?" Vase

I actually quite enjoy weeding, not much to do on this design though.

(If you’re wondering what tools I’m using to do the weeding, it’s this dentist kit from Amazon!  Not as cute, but definitely cheaper than the official Cricut set)

Then stick to my coffee jar, and done!

Upcycled Coffee Jar "What's He Done This Time?" Vase

Cute huh?  I love it.  This is now my go-to vase for when the hubby comes home with flowers for me for no apparent reason….!

If you want to make this upcycled coffee jar vase for yourself then you can download the SVG file below.  This is for personal use only, and not to be sold, or used on items to sell.  Copyright remains with

Don’t forget to check out my other free SVG for an upcycled jar vase on this post here.

Get SVG!



Not got a Cricut machine? Why the heckles not?!  Check it out at HobbyCraft here.


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