Upcycled Sauce Jar “Yay Spring’s Finally Here!” Vase

Yay for Spring!  It’s the perfect time to start filling your home with pretty bunches of flowers, and I’ve made a super cute upcycled sauce jar vase using my Cricut Maker, and I’m sharing the SVG file with you!

We make a lot of tomato based meals in our house, so we’re always recycling multiple Aldi passata glass jars each week.  But this weekend I saw inspiration in the jars, and I had a lovely bunch of daffodils that needed a vase (and none of my regular vases to hand!) so I got my Cricut Maker out and got busy.

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Upcycled Sauce Jar "Yay Spring's Finally Here!" Vase

Upcycled Sauce Jar Vase

The Aldi passata jars are perfect for a small bunch of flowers like daffodils.  The label is stuck on all the way around, so you will need to soak the jars in warm soapy water for an hour, and then the label will come off clean.

When I created this SVG file I used this font for ‘Spring’s’, and this font for ‘Yay’ and ‘finally here!’

Once through my Cricut Maker I did the weeding (I find this relaxing, though I haven’t done any really difficult cuts yet!)

Upcycled Sauce Jar "Yay Spring's Finally Here!" Vase

By the way, if you’re wondering what tools I’m using to do the weeding, it’s this dentist kit from Amazon!  So much cheaper than this official Cricut set (though not as pretty admittedly!)

Upcycled Sauce Jar "Yay Spring's Finally Here!" Vase

Once weeded, apply to the jar and voila! A super cute upcycled sauce jar vase!

I think this looks really good, and it’s perfect for my Spring daffs!

Upcycled Sauce Jar "Yay Spring's Finally Here!" Vase

What do you think?

Upcycled Sauce Jar "Yay Spring's Finally Here!" Vase

Oh, if you’re wondering about the print in the frame – that is available to purchase as a printable download in my Etsy shop, Love Chopsy.  Check it out here!

If you’d like to create the same upcycled sauce jar vase yourself, you can download the free SVG file below.  The file is for personal use only, and not to be sold, or used on products to sell.  Copyright remains with

Why not check out my other free SVG for an upcycled coffee jar here!

Get My SVG!



Not got a Cricut machine?  Why the heckles not??  Check it out at HobbyCraft here!

Have a great day!

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