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The Worst Fridge Cake Recipe Ever!

As someone who eats A LOT of sweet treats, I like to think that I am great at making them.  That would make sense right?  Wrong!  I give you – The Worst Fridge Cake Recipe EVER!

Yes, it’s true – I truly can’t bake.  The worst part of this recipe in particular, is that fridge cake isn’t even baking!  It’s melting chocolate, and I couldn’t even get that right.

The Worst Fridge Cake Recipe Ever

Let’s take a look at the recipe shall we?

Worst Fridge Cake Recipe Ever

For this recipe you will need:

  • 400g milk chocolate (a guessed amount)
  • Around 10 digestive biscuits (who’s counting?!) (thats graham crackers I think, for any American readers)
  • Golden syrup (for flavour, and then to try and wetten the chocolate)
  • A guessed amount of Clover (or probably any other buttery type spread that isn’t actually proper butter)
  • Dessicated coconut (you decide amount)
  • An inability to bake
  • Young children who are fully able to handle the feelings of bitter disappointment

Ok, let’s crack on.  Here are the steps for making the worst fridge cake ever.

‘Cooking’ Directions

  1. Put the chocolate & an unknown amount of syrup in a bowl over a pan of water on the hob, and attempt to melt.
  2. Whilst that is taking place, get children to bash the digestive biscuits up.
  3. When chocolate starts looking a bit dry, add more syrup, stir, and cross your fingers.
  4. When chocolate starts to harden take off the heat.
  5. Tell your children that you think something has gone horribly wrong.
  6. Carry on regardless (aka ‘Be British’)
  7. Get your guns out and attempt to stir the biscuit pieces through the hard chocolate mixture.
  8. Stare in disbelief.
  9. Sprinkle in some dessicated coconut.  You know, for decoration.
  10. Plonk the mixture onto your pre-prepared baking tray.  Don’t forget baking paper!
  11. Push it down in an attempt to make it flatter & more….fridge cake-like.
  12. Send a photo of your fridge cake to your spouse.  Be proud!
  13. Refridgerate for 3 days.
  14. Dispose of fridge cake.
Worst Fridge Cake Recipe Ever!


So there you go.  Do let me know if you make this, and how you get on!

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