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You Are Appreciated More Than You Could Ever Know

Years and years you’ve been there for others, for us.  You’ve helped shape our days.  You’ve been there morning, noon and night.  No questions asked.  I just wanted to show and tell you that you ARE appreciated more than you could ever know.  You’re the first to make our children smile each morning, and I’m the last to spend those precious quiet moments with you each night.

Time has taken its toll on you.  You do look different, it’s true.  You look older.  But in a way that suggests you’ve been well loved.  On the outside, people may well be mistaken for thinking you’re giving up on yourself.

But it’s what’s on the inside that counts, and on the inside you feel as young as you did ten years ago, I know.  There’s seems to be no stopping you.  For that we’re grateful.

You’re a little bit withered, and showing the signs of a life well lived.  You may be slightly worn, and you don’t look as young as you used to.  But you still, STILL, bring joy to all those who spend time with you.

How do you do it?

You’re always there for others, your life selflessly being spent going backwards and forwards, up and down, stopping and starting and all to make other people’s lives better and easier.  You help guide us all to happiness each and every day.

At the end of a really hard day, it’s YOU that everyone turns to.  They look to you to take away their troubles, and ease the burdens and stresses, even if only for a little while.  Though you put upon us no time limit for what you do.

It’s you who helps to bring smiles back to our faces.  You who relaxes us.  It’s you who entertains the children when I just need a break.

If people feel sad and need to cry – they know they can turn to you and you’ll find a way to provide comfort.  If people need to laugh – you’re right there to help them see the funny side of life.  You help give the ability for people to feel things they may not at any other ordinary time.  That’s amazing!

You may sometimes feel a bit glitchy, like you just want to give up.  But you never do!  You never do.

You may feel like you’re stretched between people and perhaps at times we take you for granted, but the truth is – we all want to spend more time with you.  One on one time with you is like the holy grail of time well spent.

In all honestly when I take you in my hand I don’t want to let you go.  It’s true I want you all for myself, and the thought of giving up MY time with you for others, especially the children… It hurts a little.  Silly, I know.  But I know that there are many who love you as much as I.  Others may feel they are more deserving of you than I.

There have been times when yes, to be honest I’ve known you’re there and I’ve not really noticed you.  There have been times when the urge to spend time with you has been less than the urge of others.  Most of the time, I just don’t want to fight.

If the need of others is greater, so be it.  Let them have their time with you, for I know that you’ll be there for me later.  As you always are.  Without any expectations you are free for me even when it’s stupidly late at night and you must feel like you just want to switch off.

And you may think you’re not appreciated for everything you give to us, but my goodness – no one could give more than you do.

I see you there, on the sofa.  You may not think you’re all that special.  But you are.  You are.  To this family – you are our world.

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