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You Choose Book Review

We have a new book to check out – the You Choose book, by Nick Sharratt and Pippa Goodhart.  This book isn’t a story book, it’s more of a fun ‘discussion creator’.

You know those conversations you have with your child, about what they want to be when they grow up?  It’s like that, with pictures.  And more questions.

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Our review of the You Choose book

Me and the boy’s often have conversations where I ask them ‘would you rather’ type questions.  It gets their brains working, and results in lively discussions, and the conversations often trail off into other things.  We find it fun, and we all get to learn more about each other, and see how our choices change over time.

The You Choose book allows us to have those types of chats, with illustrations!

You Choose Book Review -

What is the book itself like?

The book is a nice large size.  Plenty big enough for the three of us to get around and all see the illustrations and choices well.  No space is left untouched inside, with each page fully coloured and almost edge to edge pictures on every page.

You Choose Book Review -

You Choose Book Review -

You Choose Book Review -

(unfortunately, for some reason my camera is playing up, and not doing the book justice!  It is much brighter in real life!)

As you can see from the few pages above, the questions are simple, but provide many illustrated options to choose from.  With each illustration individually worth talking about, you will find yourselves all swapping your answers as you find a new answer you’d rather choose.

Here’s a flip through of the book for you to get an idea of total contents.

Overall thoughts about You Choose book

We loved this book.  I can see we will certainly be reading it again and again for a long while.  It’s one you’ll definitely want to check out, if you like fun, book centred chats with your little ones.

Jam packed with super cute and fun illustrations, each page will have you and your children animatedly discussing all the possibilities of each question, and taking each one further into other conversations outside of what the book asks you.

You Choose is available from Amazon here.  And guess what?  You can also get You Choose Your Dreams, and You Choose In Space!  We’ll definitely be adding those to our collection!

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